Gourmet Traveller Readers Dinner - Spice Temple

cabbage and radish pickle
cucumber with smashed garlic
steamed shredded chicken with garlic and spring onion oil
shredded lamb shoulder with salted chilli
lamb and fennel seed dumplings
steamed blue eye trevalla fillet, Hunan style
w/ salted red chilli and pickled green chilli
tea smoked chicken
beef in fire water
chinese brocolli w/ house mafde oyster sauce
mango mouse and sesame nougatine
A wonderful night was had at last night's Gourmet Traveller Reader Dinner in the belly of the city at the newly opened Spice Temple. Cocktails accompanied the delicious words we were served to start then fine wines followed throughout the night. Neil Perry spoke with stunning eloquence of his experience of China and his offerings at Spice Temple - it reminded me to use more words like 'wonderful', 'nuance', 'vim', 'harmony' and 'Xinjiang' - OK maybe not the last one.
The service was fantastic, the flavours were fresh, sometimes fierce but always original. Highly recommend and eagerly awaiting Rockpool Bar & Grill's opening upstairs.

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