Noosa Feasting

Rickys souffle + lunch at Season

Noosa Surfing Festival 2009

Ahh, Noosa. My favourite place in the world and the best beachside dining (for food and views) in existence. Here are my top 5 from my latest visit.

  1. Rickys river bar + restaurant - incredible food and you feel as if you're floating on the river, breezy, beautiful views (see passionfruit souffle w/ passionfuit sorbet above)
  2. River House - In a darling modern beach house, the food & service & setting is a lesson in relaxed style
  3. Season - stare at the sea until it meets the horizon, great at anytime of day
  4. Berardo's bistro on the beach (B2's) - beautiful, light, fresh food
  5. Tommy Bahama for the best coffee Noosa has to offer

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