glazed donuts from Bob's Donut & Pastry Shop

corned beef + gruyere sandwich with homemade pickles from The Sentinel

pots de crème from La Boulange

morning buns from Tartine Bakery, recipe here

These are delicious images are Nicole & Jordan's Best Eats finds in San Fran. What are the top 4 eats in your city?

Photos by Nicole Hill, styling by Jordan Ferney.



Los Angeles-ish:

1) Santa Monica Seafood:
Warm-soft-Calamari + the Cioppino + the oysters!
> Makes me feel like a real mermaid under the sea.

2) Angel Maid Bakery: Their basic cakes are all angel food with fresh fruit and a Chantilly cream.
> Looks like any other but, sends me all a flutter up to the moon.

3) Fresh in the Box: They manufacture their own brand of organic brown rice which makes up their sushi... to go is the cheapest in town. Six rolls = $36.US

4) Rawvolution on Main Street in Santa Monica makes me the stinkiest-most-expensive-little-Durian & Date-smoothie of pure protein, that I have to sit and slurp up on the curb because the stench is so strong it makes all the other patrons send me the stink eye from across the room. ;P

Be well.
Do good.
All ways.
All days.

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Julia @ Mélanger said...

Great little summary. Will be hard to match that, from a Brisbane perspective. Though I'll give it a try.

1) Montrachet :: French food supreme @ http://www.montrachet.com.au

2) Chouquette :: French boulangerie patisserie in New Farm

3) Pearl Cafe :: cute bistro in Wooloongabba

4) Le Bon Choix :: French boulangerie patisserie @ http://www.lebonchoixbakery.com.au/

Hmmmmmm, I'm sensing a theme! :)

savorychicks said...

Beautiful pictures! Too bad I hardly ever make it to S.F., but I'll keep these places in mind for my next trip!

Jennifer Ramos said...

Going to keep the recipe for the cinnamon style buns...YUm.

Jen Ramos
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