1st Attempt - Lavender Macarons

I couldn't resist giving these a go when I bought the July '09 French Issue of Gourmet Traveller - now I'm no Julia - see her 'how to' of macarons and Aran is in a league all her own - these pink and white macarons are amazing, but I figure I can only improve from here! This recipe didn't call for egg white powder or sugar syrup, but both the macaron experts above and the MasterChef challenge did call for both - so I'm thinking this may result in a more stable macaron. Hmm, excuses, excuses, I know.


Jane Flanagan said...

Yum! I love making macarons - these sound particularly delicious.

Room design studio said...

this is pretty good!!! and its not easy !! this is really good! I love the presentation and styling!

Julia @ Mélanger said...

Well done! For your first attempt, you did a great job. My very first batch was a disaster. Though the best thing is, no matter how bad they turn out, they are still delicious - I have had many with ice-cream! Definitely try the egg white powder. Adds more protein and stability to the egg white. The sugar syrup also makes a more stable meringue versus a French meringue. It takes a little time but worth it. I'm now addicted to making these. So much fun!! P.S. Love the choice of lavender. Still one of my all time favourites!