Kuchen (cake) in Berlin

We adored this cafe in Mitte, Berlin, it was called Oliv (not Vijo, as I first thought, when reading the letters from inside the window back to front). Berlin being our final stop, we were travel fatigued and our pace slowed to something like this: a sleep in, breakfast in bed, stop off at Oliv for the hit of caffeine we needed to walk on; discover and shop; reward ourselves at kuchen o'clock with tea and cake before our afternoon rest; rise to dress for dinner; dine; wine; sleep.


Anja (Savorychicks) said...

I'm a true Berlin girl, but have lived in other places around the globe for the past 10 years. So, whenever I read something other people discover in "my city" it puts a smile on my face. Of course, most of the time I haven't been to these (new) places - so I always discover something new...

I'm glad you had a good time in Berlin. I would have had a few recommendations for you - well, maybe next time you go!

concrete & honey said...

Anja - I would love to hear your recommendations!! I will add them to the guide I am putting together for my travel site - Anywhere But Here - www.abhguides.blogspot.com

Anja (Savorychicks) said...

Here a few culinary recommendations for Berlin:

For a coffee break with some great cakes or scones or for a good lunch: Barcomi's Deli at Sophienstrasse

For (Pan)Asian cuisine: PanAsia at Rosenthaler Strasse

For some good tapas: Mea Culpa in nearby Potsdam (see my review at www.savorychicks.com)

For great French Cuisine: Bandol sur Mer at Torstrasse

Curry36 at Mehringdamm for some original "Currywurst" (very Berlin)

If you ever go to L.A. or Miami, let me know - these are "my" other cities.