Eveleigh Farmers' Markets

Toby's Estate coffee & banana streusel muffin from Sweetness Patisserie + Sonoma artisan sourdough
rhubarb + the length of the undercover market + lady w/ flowers + radishes
roses + fruit & veg + apple pie & fresh apples + leeks & rhubarb
looking out from Carriageworks + crossing the tracks to the cafe inside + rows of stalls + a shopper with purple dahlias
Families and foodies gathered about the refurbished railway workshop at the Eveleigh Railyards for the first Saturday weekly market to buy their farm fresh fruit and veges, eggs, cheese, bread, tarts, baskets, tiny pastel marshmallows, bunches of flowers and pots of fresh herbs. I cannot recommend these beautiful markets highly enough. Stunning quality produce, Toby's Estate coffee and the smell of fresh rolls stuffed with gourmet smoked bacon and the freshly laid eggs greet you as you enter. There's plenty of space for pups, kids, friends and families to wander about and start the day with a pastry or a bircher muesli muffin and have a little picnic where the trains once rested on the tracks before you. The workshop behind is now an amazing space housing the Anna Schwartz art gallery and Carriageworks performance space.

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natasha said...

Oh you have another lovely blog, excellent! Heheh. Thanks (again) for the rec re these markets, they look great - I will definitely have to check them out!

PS. Thanks also for your comment on my blog :)