Art of Confection + Landscapes of Sugar Dunes

Floor Art :: Golden Apples of the Sun, 2008 via PICA

SEPARATE :: above: art by Nicole Andrijevic on left + Tanya Schultz on right via art source
TOGETHER :: below: Under the Crystal Sky, 2009 from The Japan Foundation
Pip & Pop (aka collaborative Perth artists Tanya Schultz and Nicole Andrijevic) are bringing their exhibition Under the Crystal Sky to the Japan Foundation Gallery 2009 Facetnate! program. Their abundantly detailed and hypercoloured works are made from confectionery, plastic objects, plants, origami, vinyl, paint, and magazine cut-outs and are set to specifically designed soundscapes. Inspired by the kawaii (cute) aesthetics of Japanese pop culture, their art encompasses installation, painting, photography and wall drawings. Under the Crystal Sky celebrates the culture of mass consumption and the ecstasy of excessiveness. They encourage the consumer to welcome the phenomenon of ‘happy capitalism’ with delighted glee.

Edge of the World images from giveaphuck


chialin380 said...

They are so great, cute.
Feel like its a dream , its a wonderland.

jinger said...

thats my kind of heaaven