Flavours of the world

creme brulee / honey macadamia / maple walnut

toblerone /choc fudge brownie / coffee

Gelatissimo has launched the '12 flavours of the world' range, which is available for a limited time only (lucky I'm stocked up). When 12 tubs of heaven were delivered to my door to photograph, I couldn't wait to tear them open and taste, ah, shoot every single flavour. The standouts were the French creme brulee, Australian honey macadamia and New Zealand hokey pokey - absolutely sublime.


Katie said...

I just stumbled on your blogs - they're so lovely and beautiful, thanks!

Julia @ Mélanger said...

Oh my....these look so heavenly. I wish I could taste them all, too. Wonder if I can get my hands on that ice-cream here???? Cute photo at the top! :)

Anonymous said...

i dream dream dream of getting my hands on hokey pokey ice cream in nyc!