Le Meurice is magnificent

This is mum & I at Restaurant Le Meurice, a stunning hotel with an amazing restaurant to match. It would have to be the most spectacular room I have ever seen, we were just in awe the entire time and the theatre that is the service is something I have never experienced before. As mum said, "there aren't many places like this left." To which I thought, "only in Paris."
We had the prix fixe menu for lunch, which in comparison to the rest of the menu was excellent value. Shown here is a pre-dessert strawberry macaron, cocoa bean shaped chocolate shell filled with strawberry mouse and a raspberry marshmallow covered in gold leaf.
Paris Breakfasts recently posted what what brunch looks like there.


meandering pearl said...

i wish i was there :)
kind thoughts

meandering pearl said...

oh im wondering if you accept blog awards, i know some blogs stay award free but i would like to nominate you?

katiecrackernuts said...

It looks gorgeous. I wouldn't know what to eat. My partner once ate beautifully presented butter because it looked like a small nibbly thingy.

le banc moussu said...

Ithink you had a wonderful lunch and a great time in Paris.
A bientôt